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Mr. Nelson O. Dunham Nantucket Island Nantucket, Mass. Dear O. Was very pleased to get letter and card. Will answer very soon. Do not let grandpa go to the home alone. But think it better for all to let him go. That is where he made his home. …
Mrs. Jennie Dunham Nantucket, Mass.
Notes: One of two postcards sent by Grace (Lyon) Hallworth from Hamilton, Bermuda. Neither card has a clearly legible postmark, hence some additional information has been used to help date both cards. The stamp helps to narrow down the time…
Mrs. Jennie Dunham West 8th St. Nantucket, Mass. U.S.A. Grace
Mrs. Jennie Dunham 2 West Centre St Nantucket, Mass USA Greetings from Grace
Notes: Notes: You can see shutters propped open in the windows of the building in the foreground. The card would have had to be written prior to 1912. By the summer of 1912, Jennie, her father (Charles Nelson Cotton) and her son (Nelson Olney…
Mrs. Jennie Dunham Nantucket, Mass
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