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Note: Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1865, by John P. Soule. In the Clerk’s Office of District Court for the District of Massachusetts. Before The Foot-Lights. Photo. From the original drawing and pub. By J.P. Soule. Boston
Note: Rebecca Cotton
Note: Created and "copyright 1895 by The Strobridge Lith Co, Cinti N.Y." Jacob Litt, proprietor. By C.T. Dazey, author of In old Kentucky. Caption: Norton defends the works. "I'll brain the first man who tries to pass!" Lower left corner…
Notes: Created and "copyright 1896 by The Strobridge Lith Co, Cinti = New York." Jacob Litt, proprietor. Caption: The great vault explosion. The cashier's narrow escape from death by suffocation. No. 7177.
Note: unclear name on a U.S 2 cent bank check stamp.

Cotton Ridley.jpg
Mr. Cotton's Popular and Celebrated Song, sung by more than 200 nights at the late Cartee's Lyceum.

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This image is a scanned reproduction of the one published in the New York Dramatic Mirror at the turn of the 20th century. At that point in time, newspapers used "half tone" screens to reproduce the original photograph. The shot is taken from the…
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